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Working at uber eats--delivering food

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If you are looking for a job that is extremely flexible and gives you the freedom to manage your time, I recommend working as a bicycle courier for Uber Eats. This job involves delivering food by bike, scooter or car.

As a courier for Uber Eats, you will have access to a wide customer base, as well as tools and support to help you fulfill your orders. In addition, this job offers attractive rates that depend on the quantity and quality of deliveries made.

If you like working outdoors, have a bike, scooter or car and want to earn money in a flexible way, then working for Uber Eats is perfect for you. Join our team and experience the one that gives you freedom and flexibility."

I achieve high income by working with Uber. You can too. Find out more:

All information can be sent by e-mail together with documents to be printed to Belasting

1. Go to this link below and register--then download the Uber Driver application on your phone and log in with the same data as when registering
2. The application can be completed halfway, but the most important is the VAT that needs to be opened, it is a sole proprietorship, what do you need to do?
--- Go to the accountant so that he can open a VAT sole proprietorship on the Belastingdinst website via the DIGID number if you have a registration or I can send the paperwork to Belasting by email and you need to fill it out and send it-- at the same time as the accountant will fill out the permit for opening this company, you must immediately ask Belasting for the so-called "KOR", this is a tax exemption, you will not have to settle accounts for about 3 years - You have to wait about a month for all this.
You don't need to be registered in NL to deliver food with Uber.
--- As soon as this number comes, everything enters into the Uber application on the phone, it leads itself like a hand.
3. Buy a thermal bag for transporting meals, you can even order it on aliexpres, I give the link

--You can look for a different bag depending on whether you travel by car or bicycle, you can look for a bag for a bicycle like a backpack, you can always check on google and match the bag to your needs.

The rest of the application will guide because you need to take a photo of the bag and ID or passport, these documents that were provided when setting up a VAT company
---- Meals can be delivered by bike, scooter or car, it doesn't matter

---You can make money
---You can ride whenever you want, it's up to you, it's not an obligation
---Withdrawals from the whole week Uber transfers to the account on Mondays--but you can transfer them yourself every day from Monday to Thursday after the end of the ride and the next day they are already in the bank account, If you transfer on Friday, the money will still be only on Monday in the bank account.

Once you start driving, uber does such promotions, e.g. from 17:00-20:30, if you make 8 orders during these hours, it is 10 euros extra, i.e. 8X, for example, 5 euros for an order, it comes out to 40 euros + additionally, these 10 euros are free i.e. up to 50e payout

---It all depends on us how much we drive and how much time we spend on it

----This job doesn't conflict with your current job

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